Vendor Guide

Below are steps to help you setup your account as a Vendor and post Products for Global Audience.

Go to ( or also would work – https:// is Secure)

Go to “My Account” on the top right corner and select “Apply for Vendor”

Fill the details in the next page. Company Name can be the name of the Store you choose. Once your store is setup, it is what will show as your Product URL.

Once submitted, the admin will verify your details and approve your Vendor Account. When active, you will receive a confirmation mail from us along with the password. On your first login, you will be prompted to change your password to one of your choice and directed to your Vendor account.

Add Products: To add Products in your Store, go to Products and click on Products in the Drop down.

Click on the + Sign to add new Product.

Fill in the details and upload Picture for the Product. Please Note: Prices are in Dollars as Dollar is the Primary currency. However, on the Website, when a user access the site in India, it will show in Rupees.

Add Category for the Product by selecting from the list. You can also send mail to to add a new category if it does not show in the List.

To add additional images, use the “images” tab.

If you want to offer Discounts when Customers buy 2 or more, you can specify in “Quantity Discount Tab”

Most Vendors prefer not to use the Reward Points as payment. So uncheck the same in “Reward Points” tab.

Click on Create and Close.

Click on the Product Created to give additional information.

To Specify Colour and Size so that they show in Filter Search, Click on Global Option under the “Options” tab. You can also specify your own options in the same page.

Specify the weight of the Product under the “Shipping Properties” tab. This is will calculate the Shipping Cost and facilitate the pickup of the item from you and delivery to the Customer.

Specify Size and Material of the Product by clicking on the “More” button on the right and selecting the option “Features”. This will help the Product being show in the Search Filter.

Click on “Save and Close” to finish your Product Listing.

Congratulations!! Your Product is live on and in reach to Customers both in India and Abroad.

In case of any queries or concerns, please do write in to us –