What is Go Naari?

GoNaari is an exclusive WOMEN ONLY website.

We have created GoNaari in an attempt to bring the ARTISAN closer to the PATRON. We know that our buyers appreciate exquisite designs with appealing aesthetics along with an excellent quality product.

These designs, a mix of tradition and contemporary verbalism, must be available to everyone who appreciate it without the scare of the looming price tags.

The end result!!

We have made the purchasing more affordable to the buyer and we have a happy creator who does not get swindled off his talent or hard-work :-)


This website is the brainchild of a serial entrepreneur Krishna -Aadi Solutions and a Software Engineer Sree Charan who not only wanted a profit making business but also a Business model which caters to a social cause of enabling the hardworking Artisan to make better profits and have a great reach to the clientele by eliminating the middlemen.